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Graphic Design

logo stuff

Logo Design

The first thing your customer will see is your logo. That could make or break what is the first thing your customer will think. A logo should make a clear view of what you do and how you represent yourself. We can help with this. We are also able to create a full branding experience that includes a Identity kit & logo guidelines.

shirt design

Custom Apparel Design

When you get custom apparel made its critical that we make it pop! We can do things simple no problem but we can make your apparel stand out from the crowd! Apparel is a great way to advertise. If you got an awesome shirt design then everyone will frequently wear it. Check out some of our previous work it speaks for itself. We charge a industry standard pricing of $60.00/hr for a shirt design. Most designs only take between 1 to 2 hours.


Signage Design

It's very critical that when your space that you are leasing out is getting the exposure that it deserves. Nothing is worse than a sign that you can not read. Crazy fonts and bad coloring can make the investment terrible. You should be able to read a sign clear from at least 150-250 feet away.

In the past 5 years social media has taken off like wildfire. If you aren't taking advantage of this great marketing tool then your business is missing out. If your not all up on that type of stuff we can create the social media platform step to get your business out in front of people. They're several different packages avaliable so just contact us and ask us how we can help you!