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Let’s take it way back to 2008. In 2008, I was in high school and I was a musician. This is all around the time of Myspace and social media was really taking off. I was collaborating with several producers, rappers, and other musicians. I designed all my album covers and everyone around me kept asking me who did them. Being someone that just started messing with Adobe Photoshop I had learned the skills that I still use today as a designer. I was doing album covers, logos, shirt designs and more! Fast Track to 2011. I graduated from Philip Barbour High School and knew I was gonna have to find a full-time job. 2012 I started working at a Sawmill running machinery working 50 hours a week for the next 4 years! in 2015 I had this crazy idea about starting a graphic shop. I applied for several jobs in the graphic design field but ultimately in WV they’re not many options careerwise. In 2015, We started Radioaktiv Media. Our main focus was Cut vinyl decals, Graphic Design, and signs. We operated out of our home until 2016 then we opened a shop in Philippi, WV in a small storefront. We kept getting requests to do t-shirts almost every week. So my wife and I started thinking of a plan on what we can do to start offering some apparel. We bought a heatpress and some htv (heat transfer vinyl) and away we went! We were knocking shirts out left and right. At the time I was still working 50 hours at the sawmill then coming home to complete shirts until 11 pm most nights. While the support was awesome we were getting drained. Weeding and weeding and weeding. We decided to go back to the drawing table and thats when we started to offer screenprinting! We setup our press in our storage building so i could learn this process. After failed attempts to get a screen to burn I was ready to Chuck a squeegee right out the window and light a match lol! We kept at it tho and finally started getting the process down pack. later in the year I decided to quit my full time job and made my business my full-time. We started getting requests for other apparel such as hats, polos, & bags. In 2018 we went all in and purchased a industrial embroidery machine capable of pushing out 4 hats at a time. We started focusing more on apparel in 2019 more than anything else than we offer because we really enjoy printing for our customers! Here in 2020 we are starting to open up our online based business model in the summer months where everything is managed online. We are excited to release it!

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